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PVT1202 Trapani

PVT5202 Trapani

Palio Gluedown Plus

In a blend of neutral stone hues, Trapani creates a classic flooring look that can adapt to a range of spaces. Featuring detailed markings and subtle pattern detail, it can transform your room, giving an instantly light lift Product is displayed with DS10 3mm design strip. 

PVP149 Palmaria

PVP5149 Palmaria

Palio Gluedown Plus

With a whitewashed finish and cool tones, Palmaria is a bright, airy choice. Given an authentic finish by its knots and grains, it’s classically suited to any decor. 

PVP147 Lampione

PVP5147 Lampione

Palio Gluedown Plus

Create a modern look with the light blonde tones of Lampione. With its light grey grain details and pale airy finish, it’s perfect for adding light to a space whilst keeping a natural look

PVP144 Tavolara

PVP5144 Tavolara

Palio Gluedown Plus

With its intricate grains and a mixture of rich blonde tones, Tavolara provides a stylishly neutral base. Perfect for both a dressed up or understated look in any room of the house.

PVT1203 Matera

PVT5203 Matera

Palio Gluedown Plus

Matera combines a range of warm neutral tones to create a detailed stone-effect tile with golden brown undertones and lighter hues throughout. It’s the perfect choice for adding colour without losing the natural style. Product is displayed with DS10 3mm design strip. 

PVP145 Torcello

PVP5145 Torcello

Palio Gluedown Plus

Torcello combines mid-tone oak hues with brown linear grain details to make a stylish base for either classic or contemporary settings.

PVT1204 Treviso

PVT5204 Treviso

Palio Gluedown Plus

Treviso is a contemporary take on the traditional stone-effect tile. With a blend of ashy brown and grey tones and naturally-inspired markings, it’s ideal for bringing a classically chic look to your decor. Product is displayed with DS10 3mm design strip. 

PVP142 Sicilia

PVP5142 Sicillia

Palio Gluedown Plus

Sicillia combines deep browns with charcoal greys along with authentically-detailed knots and grains. This contemporary look is a timeless option that will perfectly fit with a range of interior styles.

PVP146 Budelli

PVP5146 Budeli

Palio Gluedown Plus

Budeli is made up of from a base of ash brown tones laced with darker knot and grain details. It's the perfect choice for creating a naturally-inspired space with a contemporary edge.

PVP150 Levanzo

PVP5150 Levanzo

Palio Gluedown Plus

With a range of mid-brown tones, detailed grains and brightening highlights, Levanzo is a timeless neutral base for any room in the house.

PVP148 Linosa

PVP5148 Linosa

Palio Gluedown Plus

Linosa combines dark ashy greys with light neutral grains to make up a timeless plank with plenty of character. Perfect for any space, from a family room to a styled space.

PVP143 Sardinia

PVP5143 Sardinia

Palio Gluedown Plus

Opt for a naturally warm look with the walnut tones of Sardinia. Featuring detailed grains and dark undertones that will give any space a luxurious feel.