Quick and easy to install and replace

Palio LooseLay offers a quick fitting installation method of a LVT floor available in wood and stone  designs. The installation of Palio LooseLay is simple; planks and or tiles are placed in position tight to each other and the edge of the room and held in place by its friction grip backing. The pliable nature of Palio LooseLay means it is easy to score and snap to size. A great choice for those who wish to swap out their floor frequently or playrooms where damages can occur, it’s easy to change a plank or tile without taking up the whole floor.  A tackifier is recommended for thresholds and rooms greater than 16m2 to provide extra grip to the subfloor.


Find out more about Palio LooseLay and see how easy it is to install and replace by watching the video featuring television presenter and journalist, Roger Bisby from Skill Builder, or download the installation guide below.


Choose Palio Looselay when

You need a Quick and simple installation with minimal downtime.

Choose Palio Looselay when

Your floor is still drying out such as new build developments

Palio LooseLay

Choose Palio Looselay when

You need access to sub-floor utilities post-installation.