Quick and easy to install and replace

Palio LooseLay uses a unique friction-grip backing to hold the product in place without the need for adhesive.  Featuring ten intricate plank and four stone designs, Palio LooseLay makes creating a luxury floor in any space quick and easy. 

Because there’s no adhesive, Palio LooseLay’s planks and tiles are individually replaceable without needing to lift up the whole floor.

Find out more about Palio LooseLay and see how easy it is to install and replace by watching the video opposite featuring television presenter and journalist, Roger Bisby from Skill Builder, or download the installation guide.

Friction-grip backing to hold product inplace

Friction-grip backing

Its friction-grip backing secures the floor firmly in place

Can be laid in rooms up to 95% relative humidity

Can be laid in rooms up to 95% relative humidity (RH)

Perfect for environments with high humidity

Palio LooseLay
Easy to replace planks and tiles

Easy to replace

Individual planks and tiles can easily be replaced if damaged

Reduces impact noise transfer to 19dB

Acoustic Qualities

Reduces impact noise transfer by 13dB

LLP146 Budelli wood effect flooring used in a lounge