It’s a new day. And we’re ready to create a better tomorrow.

As part of the Karndean family, Palio Trade by Karndean shares the same passion for sustainable manufacturing. Complete supply chain transparency. Closed-loop product life cycles. And an even stronger commitment to fair and inclusive workplaces.

It’s a continuing journey, and there are no shortcuts. But we know now’s the time for everyone to begin taking bigger steps. Ours is a promise to think differently, act decisively, and create real change.


It’s a promise to Evolve.

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Five decades ago, our family-owned business was founded on innovation, bold action and a pioneering spirit. Fifty years later, those same ideals guide us forward. Because the future demands change.

Karndean Evolve - our sustainability promise

Our six key focus areas

Sustainability is being integrated across our global operations and is a fundamental consideration in all major business decisions. We have six key focus areas:

  1. Confronting climate change
    Reducing our carbon footprint through energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. We have established science-based targets for greenhouse gas reduction: at least 50% by 2030.

  2. Individual health and well-being
    Ensuring the health and safety of those involved with manufacturing and use of our products.

  3. Sustainable resource use
    Conserving natural resources; using post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials; making products that can be recycled; elimination of raw materials derived from crude oil; creating closed-loop production processes.

  4. Inclusion and diversity
    Nurturing an equitable, inclusive and diverse workplace culture through engagement and education.

  5. Supply chain transparency
    Third-party certifications for environmental and social responsibility, including fair treatment and safe conditions for workers. 
  6. Education
    Educating employees about the importance of sustainability, helping them understand what role they play and increasing the likelihood of achieving our goals.

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