Click it. Lay it. Stick It. 

Our new multiformat collection offers you a convenient range of formats in the same highly realistic wood designs. It means no matter what subfloor you are working with, or the solution you are trying to overcome, we have a choice of ten beautiful wood designs, all available in Palio Rigid, Palio LooseLay and Palio Gluedown to suit any application. It means the same colour can be carried throughout multiple spaces, whether you need to limit noise transfer between floors with a Palio Rigid format, or need to keep underfloor services accessible with Palio LooseLay. Discover the individual benefits of our multiformat ranges below.




Palio Rigid is a rigid core floating floor that holds planks together with a click-locking mechanism. The added dimensional stability of the rigid core construction makes it an ideal choice for installations where uneven subfloors, acoustics, or the preservation of existing hard floors need to be considered. A quick and easy to fit floor, with a pre-attached foam backing means there is no need for adhesive or a separate underlay saving up to 30% on installation time.

You can view the benefits of Palio Rigid below or explore the range here.
Quick and easy to install.
Patented click-locking mechanism.
No need for adhesive.
Installs over most existing hard floors.


Palio LooseLay, has a friction grip backing that secures planks and tiles in place. By creating a strong bond to the subfloor through weight and friction, Palio LooseLay is ideal for permanent or temporary use. A loose lay flooring gives you flexibility to change your floor frequently or gain access to underfloor heating. It’s a quick and easy installation choice with no need for expansion gaps.

You can view the benefits of Palio Looselay below or explore the range here.
Quick and easy to install.
Friction grip backing.
Easy to replace.
Reduces impact noise transfer by 13dB.

Gluedown (1).jpg

Palio Gluedown enables greater design flexibility and the ability to personalise your floor using a combination of planks with design strips. In open plan living, a gluedown floor provides the opportunity to create pattens, zone areas of the home or create focal points. Gluedown is permanently bonded to the subfloor with adhesive and requires professional installation and subfloor preparation to enable a successful floor.

You can view the benefits of Palio Gluedown below or explore the range here.
Personalise with design strips.
Individual planks and tiles are stuck down_Black.png
Adhesive required.
No expansion gap required.
Comfortable underfoot.